Sales Development Representative – Philippines

Why join ezyCollect

We believe that the greatest resources in business are our people, our dreams and ambitions. We believe that businesses deserve to be paid on time. We believe that being paid on time helps businesses to survive, then thrive. Our purpose is to put smart technology in the hands of ambitious businesses, so they have the cash and confidence to manifest their dreams. Our SaaS based accounts receivable solution compliments accounting software, like MYOB or Xero, to automate the process of getting paid.

Sales Development Representative

We are currently looking for a Sales Development Representative (SDR) who will generate new business opportunities for ezyCollect. You will be given all the coaching, training and tools to be a rock star in this career path. You will learn how to identify and research lists of companies to target, and how to develop email and telephone campaigns to generate new business opportunities. At this stage in our journey of delivering awesomeness, we are looking to rapidly expand our sales teams while maintaining the high standards we have set and achieved so far.

Role requirements

  • Telephone sales experience is essential, prior telemarketing experience is ideal
  • Experience selling to C-level contacts
  • Highly developed and effective interpersonal verbal communication skills
  • A goal oriented and driven nature
  • CRM-experience, ideally Hubspot, is a big plus
  • Have a real hunger to hit targets and over-exceed
  • Passionate and loves going above and beyond
  • Likes to learn and not afraid to experiment with new ways of doing things
  • University degree preferred

What you’ll be doing

  • High volume, cold and warm calling to generate interest and book in product demo’s for the Account Executive
  • Generate new qualified leads and work closely with account executives to close deals
  • Participate in brainstorming sessions affecting the direction of the business, contribute to direction of the company through presenting ideas, brainstorming sessions and using your creativity to innovate processes
  • Proactively use our CRM to document all activities, track tasks, track results and maintain your day to day in the role

On Offer

  • There is an immense opportunity for the right candidate to grow together with the company and help shape the future of ezyCollect
  • Being part of a passionate, entrepreneurial team where you’ll be valued for your contribution
  • Dedicated training and coaching to help facilitate your career growth
  • Insight/access into multiple facets of the business, giving a unique level of experience

Apply with your resume and linked-in profile to using the form below

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Martec Case Study

Martec Case Study

MARTEC’S ceiling fans, LED lights and bathroom fixtures are stocked in major wholesalers, mum-and-dad lighting shops and “everything in between”, says Linda Attenborough, MARTEC’s Financial Controller for the past eleven years. The supply chain, built over fifty years in business, extends around Australia and internationally. With over 3000 customers on account at any time, managing receivables was a full-time job for two of Linda’s staff. But it’s not anymore, says Linda, who implemented automated debtor management 12 months ago and describes ezyCollect as a godsend.

“ezyCollect is a godsend,”  – Linda Attenborough

The debtor management challenge

MARTEC moved its accounting system to MYOB Exo three years ago, and was using a combination of daily and weekly receivables reports, numerous Excel spreadsheets and “emails galore” to keep track of thousands of open accounts. “Because we have a wide variety of trading terms for debtors, trying to find a way to maintain all of them was hard,” explains Linda. Without good visibility of overdue accounts or a concise history of debtor communications, Linda felt like she was flying blind.

“It felt like I was always flying blind.” – Linda Attenborough

When MARTEC’s MYOB consultant, Kilimanjaro, suggested ezyCollect could help with cash flow and debtor management, Linda was ready to consider a better way to recover cash.

What MARTEC looked for in its debtor management solution

  • Eliminate manual processes: When reminder emails were sent, they were manually typed each time and the email trail was not easily shared amongst team members.
  • Save staff time: As the business grew, Linda had two full-time staff chasing payments, and she personally handled any accounts at risk of becoming delinquent.
  • One source of truth: It was hard to compile a complete debtor management picture as the process was managed from multiple sources of information.
  • More visibility: Some accounts aged to 120+ days because the accounts team didn’t have high visibility on ageing invoice data, or the time to consistently remind customers to pay.
  • Improved cash flow: With 27 percent of accounts overdue, cash flow forecasting was less predictable than Linda would have liked.

The results with ezyCollect

One year after implementing ezyCollect, MARTEC’s accounts receivables and debtor management picture looks remarkably different:

  • 80% improvement: From a starting point of 27 percent of accounts overdue, only five percent of MARTEC’s accounts receivables are now overdue. By the end of the month it’s closer to three percent, says Linda, whose goal is to keep overdue accounts to under ten percent: “Each month we’re getting better and better.”

    “Each month we’re getting better and better.”

  • Saves 8hrs/day: Linda estimates ezyCollect saves eight hours a day, the equivalent of a full-time staff member, allowing her to deploy her team to other processes within the business that require their time and talents.

  • Act faster: Receivables no longer age as long, as ezyCollect identifies ageing debtors before they have the chance to become delinquent, allowing Linda’s team to follow up proactively. The team has an up-to-date log of all debtor communications in one place and can take decisive action with confidence.

  • Automation with customisation: “We set what we want the reminders to say and when they are sent.” Linda likes that she can exclude single invoices, so an individual invoice doesn’t prevent the entire account from being kept to terms.

  • Consistent communications: Now overdue debtors consistently receive payment reminders which include a copy of overdue invoices. “It helps debtors, too,” says Linda, who can now be sure her debtors have received the invoice and have all the payment information on hand.

“It helps debtors, too.”

Now Linda is looking forward to adding the Simplypaid function to invoices, allowing her debtors to click and pay online. “I’m hoping it will help us get the five percent overdue down to one or two percent!”

To see how ezyCollect can get your accounts receivables under control, take a tour today.

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Download the 

Martec Case Study
IQPC Case Study

IQPC Case Study

IQPC in Perth knows business IT services and client support. It’s what they’ve delivered for the past 26 years. A five-fold growth in their team size has enabled them to offer their clients even deeper support to maintain and improve their essential IT services. More services equals more invoices to collect. In 2018, IQPC improved its invoice-to-payment efficiency by integrating ezyCollect with its Xero accounting software.


The Problem


Phil Wainwright is a director and co-owner of IQPC. He has personally overseen the accounts receivable process from the time the company issued its first invoice in 1994. Two decades later, an entirely manual process of chasing payments reached its tipping point.

“When it got to around 400-500 invoices a month, it was really hard to keep control of debtors,” explains Phil.

Although IQPC had a great track record of positive cashflow, the workload to recover cash was becoming a bigger burden on the four administration staff who shared the accounts receivable job.

IQPC’s variable payment terms added complexity to the job: some invoices would become overdue after seven days, others had 30-day terms. While Phil describes Xero as an “amazing accounting system”, he describes its capabilities to communicate with customers about overdue invoices as basic.

“Xero would send automated reminders on a per invoice basis. That was confusing and annoying for our clients,” says Phil, whose clients could accumulate up to 20 invoices each month. 

Unable to rely on autopilot, Phil’s team had the daunting task of extracting a long list of overdue invoices from Xero and manually preparing reminders. As the team completed collection calls, staff had to create and duplicate their call notes on every invoice in Xero. 

“The system was breaking down and things were getting missed and forgotten,” explains Phil.

The team was losing even more time processing credit card payments manually over the phone. 

“We desperately needed a good online payment gateway,” says Phil.


The Solution


IQPC integrated ezyCollect with Xero to solve two major pain points that were costing the business time: following up every invoice to payment; and accepting and allocating payments easily.

Now, IQPC deploys a 6-step workflow of automated emails interspersed with phone call tasks for staff. Customers appreciate the consolidated account information in every communication. And staff appreciate the daily call list emailed to them. 

We have found that the vast majority of clients respond directly to the automatic email reminders, so the daily call list is usually very small. Sometimes no calls at all,” reports Phil.

The automated end-of-month statement also acts as a powerful reminder and collection tool. “We always get a flood of payments for the next few days after our monthly scheduled statement run.

In addition, IQPC has deployed the online payment portal available in ezyCollect. Clients receive a reminder or monthly statement, click a Pay Now button, and enter a personalised payment portal listing every open invoice.

Previously, IQPC’s clients would need to call and ask for missing invoices; now they can access and query all of their invoices from their payment portal.

“Our customers have everything they need via their reminders, statement, and payment portal and can self-serve 95 percent of the time. Our team is no longer spending 8 hours a week answering their enquiries,” says Phil.

What’s more, the online payments system costs IQPC nothing to run, with no monthly service fees and transaction fees low enough that IQPC can surcharge to clients.


The Results




  • Clients confused by too many invoice reminders from Xero
  • Too many invoices to chase
  • Messy system to log follow-up actions and share with team
  • Time-intensive phone call reminders
  • Clients call up for missing invoice information and to pay with credit card
  • Staff spent hours typing email reminders
  • Customers pay by cheque and staff spend time on banking
  • Clients receive concise account reminders from ezyCollect
  • Every account is tracked, monitored and communicated with
  • Automated workflow tracks itself and records progress. Keeps manual notes in one place.
  • Fewer, more efficient phone calls
  • Clients self-serve from their online customer portal to view, query and pay all invoices
  • Staff have time to prepare quotes and manage customer service
  • Customers pay with credit card via a secure online checkout

The Impact


IQPC saves at least eight hours each week or $12,000 a year. That saving is now directly allocated to more customer care. 

“We’ve automated other processes in the business, too, and streamlining the entire administration function has meant that our staff can evolve into more challenging roles. People who were doing manual data entry are now customer service professionals at the front line of our business.”

Ironically, after integrating ezyCollect’s sophisticated reminder system, IQPC’s clients actually receive fewer payment reminders.

“Our customers are no longer pestered with too many reminders. With ezyCollect they receive drastically fewer reminders and all the information is laid out in front of them. They can answer their own questions.”

Phil is pleased his IT business has been able to support its own clients with a digital payments experience. “The payment portal has a very slick and modern design so it creates a great impression on the client. Rather important for a tech company!”


Key Benefits

Better customer experience

Major time savings

AR visibility

Improved professionalism

Seamless online payments

Phil’s final word

“Xero is a fantastic accounting system and ezyCollect is the perfect complement to that system.Chasing over 700 invoices a month without ezyCollect would be a nightmare. We get paid quicker. Our clients get a much better experience. It’s less stress all around.”

IQPC case study

Download the 

IQPC Case Study

ABM + ezyCollect: Ajendico’s 3-step plan for accounts receivable efficiency

ABM + ezyCollect: Ajendico’s 3-step plan for accounts receivable efficiency

Di Peters, Ajendico

Di Peters is the Managing Director at Ajendico Pty Ltd, Australia’s leading Advanced Business Manager (ABM) Software Channel Partner.

Di has been helping small & medium business owners for the past 27 years. As an ERP advisor, she specialises in optimising and systemising increasingly complex business processes. “Even successful businesses encounter problems. With the right technology, you can transform a problem area into a long-term asset,” says Di. Cashflow-generating functions should be optimised, making accounts receivable efficiency a prime target.

Key points

  • The right technology can create lasting improvements to your business processes.

  • Cash recovery is a common pain point across many industries.

  • Ajendico integrated ezyCollect with ABM to extend their accounts receivable efficiency and capabilities.

  • An automated and organised accounts receivable process saves time and speeds up the cash recovery rate.

Trial ezyCollect + ABM free for 14 days

Di uses a simple 3-step process to help business owners identify areas for business improvement:

Step one: Uncover the pain points

First, identify the processes that are not working for your business. Look for areas where you are putting in the time and effort but not getting results. Which pieces of information are you missing but really need in order to make good decisions? Where are you wasting resources and raw materials? 

The pain points in your business can cause headaches for you and your team. Even worse, they could also be affecting your customers. 

Step two: Assess your current capabilities

Deep dive into your current systems to make sure you are utilizing them to their full capacity. Identify where your current systems do not meet your evolving needs. Consider your people and the job they need to get done. This will help you to create the scope for the solution that will extend your team’s capabilities. 

Step three: Find the best technology 

The key to sustainable improvements is to implement the best technology available. Assess a technology solution for the following:

  • the feature set
  • usability and user interface
  • cost and return on investment
  • customer support provided
  • ease of integration with your existing systems

Read user reviews. Ask your ERP advisor to recommend applications that are best of breed.

Pain point: Cash recovery 

“The biggest roadblock in growing any successful business is cashflow. If our  clients can’t get dollars back in their bank account it impacts their working capital and growth,” advises Di.

And Ajendico’s clients—including manufacturers, e-commerce businesses and importers—want to be market leaders.  

“Our team can add value to these ambitious businesses by helping them to get paid first.”

Current accounts receivable capability: Advanced Business Manager

At its core, ABM is logical and easy to use. The ABM Core Accounting System is designed to fulfill the needs of modern businesses, and once implemented, quickly streamlines business processes.

Di’s clients use the automated credit control functionality in the core ABM system to keep control of customer credit limits. It’s easy to see outstanding debts by invoice due date as well as send an email reminder to overdue customers after the due date has passed.

Whilst the day-to-day processes work well, Di identifies an opportunity for time-poor businesses that end up with too many overdue invoices each month.

“These businesses need a cost-effective plan in place to follow up customers who don’t respond to existing internal processes.”

Four key accounts receivable improvements with ezyCollect

The integration of ABM and ezyCollect takes a previously manual process to “another level”, says Di.

1. Get paid early with a due soon reminder

Once the invoice is entered in ABM and the due date is known, you can start automating a schedule of reminders starting before the payment due date.

“This first improvement means less work chasing overdue accounts as your new system improves the percentage of invoices paid on or before the due date,” says Di.

2. Save time with an automated and escalating workflow 

If your customer has not paid the invoice, instead of sending just one overdue invoice email from ABM, ezyCollect provides you with a schedule of scripted collection tasks that include emails and phone calls. Your workflow can also include the final step of handing the debt over to a collection agency, a step that always remains in your control.

A strict workflow results in disciplined cash recovery

3. Be easy to pay online

Di also recommends the online payment capability of ezyCollect to her clients.

“Your reminder and invoice can include a Pay Now button, making it simpler for your client to pay you with their credit card as soon as the email is received. And your business now looks far more professional to your customers,” advises Di.

4. Generate more business with Pay Later

Going further, ezyCollect offers your customers an additional payment method: Pay Later.

“Within their payment portal, your customers can take up a payment plan with a finance provider. It means you get paid today while your customer pays back the amount they owe in instalments.”

The Pay Later function is good for your own cashflow, and it also helps your credit-worthy buyers to regulate their own cashflow.

Is ezyCollect right for your ABM-run business?

Di understands that users of ABM like how customisable it is. “Tailoring ABM to suit their internal business processes gives them a competitive advantage,” says Di.

To see if ezyCollect could benefit your business, Di recommends this:

  1. Run your Trade Debtors report and write down the Total Due

  2. Now write down the Total of the Current column underneath

  3. Deduct the Current column from the Total Due

This is the amount of money that could potentially be in your bank account right now.

Are you missing out?

Di’s final word:

Every business can benefit from extra cash in the bank. Making your accounts receivable process more efficient has tangible benefits to your business  like time savings and working capital you can rely on. What’s more, you also give your customers a better payments experience which supports your relationships. 

ABM users can trial ezyCollect free for 14 days:

How to ask customers to pay their outstanding balance during COVID-19 (+ email template to get paid now)

How to ask customers to pay their outstanding balance during COVID-19 (+ email template to get paid now)

COVID-19 has changed trade as we know it, perhaps forever. What hasn’t changed is your need to get paid on time. However, it’s the suppliers who engage in connected and empathetic communication with their customers now who will reap long-term rewards.

And it’s not just about recovering cash, says Amanda Lee. Amanda is an overdue accounts receivable specialist at The Retriever and has more than 15 years’ experience helping businesses turn late payers into highly profitable, return customers who pay on time.

“For businesses to recover from these extreme times, they will need their customer relationships intact and lines of communication open. The goal is always to collect the outstanding balance and retain a happy customer,” says Amanda.

“If you don’t retain your customers through COVID-19, you may not survive this pandemic, so it’s vital that you’re talking to them.”

Amanda Lee

Key points:

Here is Amanda’s advice on how to ask customers to pay their outstanding balances:

1. First check that you’ve delivered. If you’ve done great work, always expect to be paid!

2. Acknowledge that times have changed. Express your understanding and solidarity with your customers in a genuine manner. We are all in this together.

3. Focus on people. Put people and the relationship first and the money will follow.

4. Invite a conversation. Ask your customers to communicate with you and be available to take their call.

5. Be upfront about the outstanding balance. Remind your customer about the full amount owing. Be straightforward and polite—it’s okay to ask!

6. Remind customers of stimulus available: Eligible businesses will be able to access government cashflow boosts and other stimulus measures to pay their bills. Ask them if they have applied for these incentives.

7. Negotiate for a win:win. A payment plan can help retain a customer whose cashflow is constrained. Reducing credit terms can also reduce your credit risk if you continue supply.

8. Keep communicating. A series of reminders works. Make sure they continue to be helpful and map a way closer to payment. Always ensure your communications are encouraging a connected relationship.

A 4-step plan (+ outstanding balance email template)

Step 1. First, deliver great work

If your customer has any disputes about their outstanding balance, your reminder communications will not be effective. The first step is to address any disputes immediately, hear the customer’s grievance and accept any responsibility so a resolution is immediate. Then agree on the amount to be paid.
Step 2. Send a reminder that is simple, polite, empathetic and invites a conversation. 

Personalise and customise Amanda’s email template to collect an outstanding balance:

Subject: Your Account and COVID-19 -How Do We Help?


Hi {Name},

How are you? I hope my email finds you well.

We are trading in unusual and interesting times that are impacting us all in similar ways. We want to communicate with you regularly to stay abreast of any issues you may be facing.

I want to discuss your account that has an overdue balance totalling {$0,000.00}. If you’re experiencing financial difficulties or waiting for government assistance, such as JobKeeper, which may delay your payment of the account, please call me on {0000 000 000} so we can discuss an amicable and workable solution to get through the next few weeks. This will assist us in managing our cash flow as well.

It’s vital that we work together through this extreme event and continue to support each other; communication is key. It is important to us that our customers are okay, and we’re committed to doing what we can to support you whilst maintaining our own operations.

I appreciate you giving this your attention and I look forward to your payment or communication.

Take care and enjoy your week.

Attachment: {Account Statement}




{Landline | Mobile | Email}

Friendly reminder email template about outstanding balance

So what does this template get right?

It’s personal—note that it is addressed to a person and not signed off from a generic name like ‘accounts’. The tone is open and friendly. There are lots of ‘I’ and ‘we’ statements that remind the customer of your shared relationship.

It’s timely—the email references current times and sets the scene for communication over the coming weeks.

It’s offering support—support to work together, support for each other’s cashflow, and it expresses genuine concern and interest in how the customer is faring.

It’s actionable—the customer has enough information to understand your point of view and also has a clear and open invitation to return the communication.

Step 3. Follow-up

You’ve invited a conversation, now allow your customer time to respond. Your customers may be working differently and their response times may be longer. Alternatively, your customers may now have more time for an in-depth conversation.

Either way, be prepared to follow-up. Test out different communication channels. You may find that a text message gets answered more quickly. This letter (above) gives you a point of reference to refer back to in your future communication.

Remain persistent and consistent in your follow-ups. Now is the time to stay on your customer’s radar and keep collecting. As stimulus payments flow through the supply chain from May to September, use this time to position your business as a preferred supplier at the head of the payments queue.

Step 4. Make permanent changes to your accounts receivable process

At ezyCollect, we have seen a rise in financial controllers and credit managers eager to use this time to make permanent improvements to their accounts receivable process and efficiency. The COVID-19 pandemic has opened everyone’s eyes to new and improved ways of working and relating to their customers.

What’s more, business operators are more aware than ever before of the critical role that accounts receivable plays in the cash flow cycle. Businesses that have cash locked away in unpaid invoices are now acutely aware of the deficit in their working capital. You cannot maintain a status quo of carrying significant overdue accounts if you want to remain in business in the near future.

In summary

Keep up, in fact, ramp up, your collection efforts during COVID-19, especially while government- assisted cash is flowing through the supply chain.Excellent communication is always key to getting paid on time and maintaining respectful customer relationships. Tailor your communications to empathise with current times.Open the lines of communication. Negotiate payment plans that support cashflow and the trade relationships you want to maintain. Customer retention is vital.
Make permanent improvements to your collections efficiency so you maintain a healthy cashflow buffer to fund the tough times and your plans for growth. COVID-19 has taught us all that anything can happen and we have to prepare ourselves for a new future!

For more accounts receivable email templates and resources, download ezyCollect’s free toolkit