Get integrated payments on invoices, email & SMS

Get Simplypaid & give your customers a seamless checkout experience


Digital ‘Pay Now’ buttons allow your customers to query, pay one or more invoices, part-pay, and apply for our finance solution to complete payment.

Simplypaid accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express and gives you automated payment reconciliations back to your ERP*

Digital Payments Platform Simplypaid

Clear transparent pricing

So everyone is on the same page

Small to medium business

Pay as you go

2.90%* + $0.30 NZD

+ $90 per month subscription fee

1.75%* + $0.30 AUD

+ $90 (+ GST) per month subscription fee

  • Flat monthly subscription fee
  • No setup fees
  • No hidden fees
  • Automatic surcharges
  • *Starting rate for VISA & MC

Enterprise business

Custom Rate

Custom Rate

Discounts for volume

  • Run business at scale
  • Account management
  • Migration assistance
  • Dedicated support


Get paid now from invoice

Imagine getting paid on the day you issue your invoice – simply because you asked.

Simplypaid provides a clear call to action and invites online, on-time payments.

Get paid now from email

Your reminder emails become checkouts as customers receive your email, then click to ‘Pay Now’. No extra logins required.

Simplypaid removes payment lags by providing an immediate opportunity for your customer to complete the payment task seamlessly.

Get paid now from SMS

Get paid anytime, from anywhere as your customer receives your payment prompt straight to their mobile phone.

Simplypaid is always receiving payments 24/7 – your office could be closed and you’ll still be collecting.

Add SMS to your strategy and get paid 24/7.

“With a secure online checkout, your business no longer needs to worry about storing customers’ credit card details, and you drastically reduce the time you spend processing payments.”
AJ Singh
CEO and Founder

Offer B2B Pay Later

Get paid upfront while your customer pays in instalments. Our finance offer inside the Simplypaid payments portal gives your customers the option to apply for a line of credit from our finance partner.

Support your prompt payers with this accessible working capital solution.

Get paid more

Our online payments portal is a hub for all of your customers’ open invoices. In Simplypaid, your customers can view and pay multiple invoices in one simple transaction.

Your customers see alerts next to any overdue invoices. They can simply select all to pay.

Choose who pays the fees

Our online payments portal is free to install and use. You‘re only charged a fee per credit card transaction.

On Simplypaid you can choose to surcharge the fees at checkout, or absorb all or part of the fees.

What you get on a free upgrade

Convenience that you and your customers will love

Seamless checkout

Simplypaid gives you a branded online checkout that requires no touch from you and is open 24/7.

Pay Now Button

Simplypaid makes it easy for customers to transfer money as they receive your invoice, email, SMS.

Multiple payments

Simplypaid gives your customers the choice to pay all outstanding amounts in one online credit card transaction.

Customer Financing

Simplypaid gives you B2B Settle Now, Pay Later for approved customers – who can access a line of credit to help them pay on time.

 POS Terminal

Are you paying too much in EFTPOS fees?

Get a free analysis on your EFTPOS fees and find out how much you could save by switching to our partner provider for POS solutions, Driving Discounts.

Their POS solution will help you save on your EFTPOS fees and also enables a loyalty program for your business.

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