New integration: PBS test drives Attaché software plus ezyCollect

New integration: PBS test drives Attaché software plus ezyCollect

Brendon Page

Brendon Page is an Attaché software veteran, clocking more than 24 years of experience with the suite. His business consultancy firm, Page Business Solutions (PBS), is an Attaché Gold Partner. The accreditation has seen Brendon and his team provide Attaché software training, installation and support to a variety of  mid sized Australian businesses for the past 16 years. When ezyCollect announced that its accounts receivable platform now integrates with Attaché accounting software, Brendon was keen to be among the first to test drive the automation functionality for his clients.

A growing business needs efficiency

Brendon’s client base is diverse. The payroll and accounting features of Attaché make it a popular choice for companies that have outgrown their small business software. In particular, Attaché’s inventory management functionality provides a robust solution for wholesalers. 

That’s why ezyCollect’s accounts receivable capabilities peaked Brendon’s interest. His wholesaler clients typically sell on credit, manage a large number of debtors and end up with hundreds of overdue invoices each month. While getting his clients paid faster is important, it’s almost a bonus compared to the efficiency improvements he helps them achieve.

“Inefficient processes trap turnover. When systems and processes improve, then revenue can improve.”

Brendon Page

To test drive the platform, Brendon integrated ezyCollect with his firm’s Attaché accounting software and saw improvements within the first month.

Debtor management done in half the time

Pip Hawkins

Brendon and his Client Services Manager, Pip Hawkins, understand the challenges of debtor management firsthand. Each week, Pip and the accounts team spent up to two hours identifying overdue accounts, calling customers, emailing payment reminders and preparing monthly statements.

“Our process was to go into Attaché, print off a debtor list, then go through the list with a ruler and a highlighter,” explains Pip.

Pip then manually prepared email reminders for overdue debtors. 

“From Attaché, I would search each debtor, download the correct invoice, then attach it to an email that I would type for each customer.

“Then I’d update a spreadsheet of who I’d contacted and who I needed to contact.”

The process was laborious, messy, and left her with less time to make follow-up phone calls.

Since implementing ezyCollect, Pip’s debtor management duties are done in less than half the time.

The day-to-day AR process is more streamlined with ezyCollect:

  • Pip logs into ezyCollect, and sees her daily call tasks and overdue customers prioritised for her.

  • She completes tasks, then logs any notes in each debtor’s card.

  • Pip no longer prepares reminders one-by-one. ezyCollect populates her saved reminder templates with all the invoice and due date information it draws from Attaché. ezyCollect attaches invoice copies and automatically sends the reminders on schedule.

  • Pip reviews the communication history per debtor. ezyCollect automatically logs a record of all automated reminders alongside any manual notes made by the team.

  • Pip is making fewer collection calls now as the earlier reminders politely prompt customers to pay.

With ezyCollect working in the background over the Christmas period, Pip returned to work in January and had time to reach out to customers: “I just rang to let them know we were back in the office and to wish them a Happy New Year. They really appreciated it.”

Benefits for Attaché businesses

Visibility: The team has high visibility of all debtor activity. Team members can log in and review up-to-date information on every debtor’s status at any time.

One source: Eliminate the mess of spreadsheets and multiple systems. Login to ezyCollect, see all the debtor data analysed for you, and take any action from within the system.

Time: Save hours by automating an unlimited number of payment reminders that are delivered according to your schedule.

A feature-rich solution

“Unlike other systems that have basic reminders, ezyCollect’s features give businesses more options to communicate effectively with their debtors,” says Brendon.

Brendon’s top features:

  • Multiple reminders: Set it up so debtors receive a series of automated reminders until they pay. Send a sequence of reminders by email, sms, post. Include a phone call in your workflow and it gets added to your daily task list when it’s due.

  • Multiple contacts: Add in multiple debtor contacts to receive your reminders. “The contact in your CRM who placed the order may not be the person who needs to receive your reminder,” advises Brendon.

  • Due date is king: The system communicates about the due date of the oldest overdue invoice. That simplifies the messaging and chases all overdue amounts relating to the debtor account.

  • Online payments:  With a payment gateway on the back end, you can add a Pay Now button upfront on your invoices and statements. Customers can click and pay online with their credit card.

Benefits for Attaché businesses

Discipline: The automation consistently and predictably sends and records a large volume of reminder communications that is almost impossible for a human to do.

Reach: The variety of communication channels and contacts that ezyCollect uses means your reminders are more likely to reach the right person who can pay your invoice.

Every invoice: Using the oldest overdue invoice as the baseline, every overdue invoice after that is also chased. Nothing gets overlooked.

24/7 payments: Payments can come in after hours as debtors pay online at times that suit them.

Cost savings

“A solution like ezyCollect quickly pays for itself as your revenue improves and you spend less time and money chasing invoices,” says Brendon.

  • One subscription with unlimited automated reminders to debtors*

  • Save staff time on repetitive jobs. 
  • Cut debtor days. As cash recovery speeds up, cashflow improves.

(*Choose the right plan based on your number of debtors.)

Benefits for Attaché businesses

Eliminate budget creep: Month-by-month certainty of accounts receivable spend.

More time: Allocate more staff time to personalised customer service.

More cash: As liquidity improves, businesses can pay expenses and invest in growth.

Which businesses should use ezyCollect?

Brendon believes ezyCollect has wide application across many industries. Try ezyCollect if:

  • Your business issues trade credit
  • Has a large volume of overdue invoices each month
  • Is considering adding headcount to deal with overdue invoices
  • Has busy clients that attend to payments after hours
  • Your staff need better tools to work efficiently.

ezyCollect offers a one-on-one demo online:

New Integration: Advanced Business Manager (ABM) Software

New Integration: Advanced Business Manager (ABM) Software

ezyCollect’s accounts receivable platform now integrates with Advanced Business Manager (ABM). Users of ABM’s financial management software can now power up payment success with next level credit control and collections capacity.

Business operators using Advanced Business Manager already know this: getting paid on time is a critical indicator of business health. Businesses that carry the burden of overdue accounts receivable typically exhibit three big pain points:

  • Cashflow deficit for working capital and growth.
  • Time deficit as crucial staff hours are lost to chasing customers for payment.
  • Relationship deficit as customer relations deteriorate over poor payment behaviour.

Chris Heysen is Advanced Business Manager’s CEO and is enthusiastic about helping businesses grow from good to great.

“We know the Advanced Business Manager client is focussed on growing a great business and doesn’t have time to waste on inefficient processes. ezyCollect’s solution for late payments will help businesses to achieve both revenue and efficiency goals,” says Chris.

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How late payments kill business

The debt burden on small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) is huge. The first ever Australian Payments Times and Practices Inquiry of 2017 found the following:

  • 1 in 5 businesses were paid more than 60 days late.
  • Two thirds of businesses say late payments reduce business profitability.
  • 1 in 2 businesses find it hard to pay their own suppliers if they are not paid on time.

The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman was particularly critical of big buyers, urging them to be more transparent about their payment times and to stop using small business suppliers as cheap forms of finance.

Aj Singh

ezyCollect’s CEO, Aj Singh, founded ezyCollect after experiencing the pain of late payments firsthand. “I was running a medical supplies business.We had a huge cashflow problem behind the scenes even though the business was generating a lot of new sales. We kept supplying late payers because we couldn’t keep track of their credit usage. We had this ballooning cashflow gap. We started hiring people to chase payments but adding headcount is very expensive.

“We nearly lost that business to late payments.”

Now, ezyCollect exists to serve other wholesalers, manufacturers, and business services. “If you’re selling goods or services on credit, a late payments problem is looming just around the corner unless you have a disciplined accounts receivable process in place,” advises Aj.

A disciplined and efficient accounts receivable process

ezyCollect is purpose-built to give growing businesses an efficient accounts receivable process that grows with them. 

“Growing businesses need more than payment reminders to get paid faster. There’s actually a lot of factors that need to be optimised to protect your business from credit risks and to recover money faster,” says Aj.

Luckily, ezyCollect’s platform cleverly integrates all of those critical factors into one easy-to-use hub. The good news for ABM users: ezyCollect seamlessly integrates with Advanced Business Manager to use the invoice data already created in the accounting software, avoiding any duplicate data entry. 

Save time with personalised automation

Automate the manual tasks and create time for critical jobs:

  • Set up a schedule of automated invoice reminders by email, sms, and letter. 
  • Customise best practice communication templates with your language and tone.
  • Automate ‘due soon’ reminders to prompt early payment.
  • Set rules for which customers get reminders and which ones don’t.
  • Automatically include invoice copies and a summary of all overdue amounts.
  • Automate monthly statements.
  • Generate automatic ‘thank you for payment’ messages.
A sample automated sequence of payment reminders

Simplify the day

Remove the mess and guesswork and just get the job done:

  • ezyCollect emails you a priority list of daily collection calls to make.
  • Log any notes in the debtor database alongside the audit trail of automated communications – your team will always have up-to-date information on every customer’s status.
  • Click to send a demand letter.
  • Click to refer an overdue customer to a debt collection agency (ezyCollect automatically sends the agency the invoice details and summary of your collection attempts.)
  • Click to order a same-day business credit check report.

Surface ageing invoices easily

Never lose sight of ageing invoices with high visibility of the entire AR ledger:

  • Your new AR source of truth is automatically created after ezyCollect syncs with your ABM software.
  • See a real-time distribution of your ageing invoices.
  • Quickly identify the customers in your danger zone of defaulting.
  • Dig deep into every debtor’s account history.

ezyCollect dashboard

Get paid online 24/7

Offer customers a payment portal for self-serve credit card checkout:

  • Add Pay Now buttons to your invoices and reminders.
  • Customers click to complete a simple credit card checkout seamlessly.
  • Every customer gets a payment portal housing all open invoices and their transaction history.
  • Customers can choose a buy now pay later option available via a third party finance provider.
Customer payment portal in ezyCollect

Quick no-cost installation in under 5 minutes

As a SaaS product, ezyCollect integrates easily with ABM’s cloud accounting software. Once you register your file with ezyCollect, ezyCollect will send you a simple process to follow. Your data syncs with ezyCollect in around five minutes for instant mapping and tracking of your accounts receivable ledger.

ezyCollect also provides complimentary training for your team so setup is fast and you’re operating with confidence.

Which industries will benefit most from ABM + ezyCollect?

Chris Heysen sees ezyCollect as having wide application for ABM users across all industries, in particular:

  • Wholesale and Distribution
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Field Service Technicians
  • Consultants

“Consider trialling ezyCollect with ABM if you’re issuing goods or services on credit, and then experience a time and cashflow challenge in recovering money. A tech solution can help you quickly clean up an untidy process. Plus the ROI is obvious as the payments come in,” says Chris.

ezyCollect offers Advanced Business Manager users a free 14-day trial.